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Is your masonry not looking quite the same as it did a few years ago? Then, it’s time to let our experts check things over. There are any number of things that can cause your masonry to crumble and deteriorate, but we’ll need to get to the root of the problem so we can address it and find ways to prevent it from occurring again down the line.

One service that plays a big role in masonry repair is tuckpointing.

More About Tuckpointing

A fun fact about tuckpointing is that it started as a mere cosmetic procedure all the way back in the 1700s. It was used to imitate a popular type of brickwork construction at the time. That said, sweeps today use it both for improving the look of a deteriorating masonry chimney or fireplace, and for reinforcing the strength and durability of your masonry chimney.

Here’s what the process looks like.

First, we’ll remove any damaged or deteriorated mortar joints. If they’re cracked or crumbling, they aren’t doing anything structural for your system, they don’t look good, and you simply don’t need them anymore.

Next, we’ll concoct a mixture that complements your current mortar, both in texture and color. This is an important (and often time-consuming) step, because if the new doesn’t match the old, your masonry won’t end up as strong or healthy as it should be – and it certainly won’t look as good as it could.

Finally, we’ll carefully apply the mixture to ensure you get those long-lasting results you deserve. When we’re done, no one will know your chimney was ever deteriorating or in need of repairs.

Also, keep in mind that, once we’re done, waterproofing services will be the next best investment. Our waterproofing products give you lasting protection, and no worries – they won’t affect the look of your fresh, new mortar joints whatsoever.

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