Need Chimney Relining Services in University City? English Sweep, Inc. Has Options for You

A faulty liner makes it unsafe to use your fireplace, but if you live in University City, Clayton, Vinita Terrace, Hanley Hills, Pagedale, Wellston, Greendale, Olivette, Sycamore Hills, Charlack, Bel-Nor, Velda Village, Overland, Des Peres, or anywhere in the area, our crew can help. Book your relining services with us today!

Relining services are needed from time to time, and while this may seem like a big investment, it’s not always as complicated as some assume. The great thing about the flue relining services we offer is that you have options. Not everyone needs, wants, or can afford the same things, so we want to ensure we provide choices for every budget, schedule, and need.

Which Flue Relining Method Is Best for You?

We have four main options to highlight in terms of relining care. We’re here to offer a bit of insight into each, and if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

  • Stainless Steel Liners: Stainless steel liners excel in terms of durability and efficiency, and they’re known for their ability to last. Initial costs are higher with stainless steel, but once they’re installed, your chimney liner isn’t something you’ll need to worry about again. If you’re looking for lifetime protection, this is the right choice.
  • Aluminum/HVAC Liners: Both furnaces and water heaters need relining, too, and our team is trained to take on these jobs for you. Whether you’re changing fuel types and need an upgrade liner or your current system is simply too worn down to function safely anymore, we can get you set up with something more reliable.
  • HeatShield® Flue Resurfacing: There are actually three HeatShield® methods to explore – Joint Repair, Resurfacing, and relining with a CeCure® Sleeve – and we’d be happy to discuss which would be best for you.
  • Firebox Repair: If you own a prefabricated fireplace, another service we offer is firebox repair and refractory panel replacement. These components tend to face damage due to years of heat exposure and wear and tear, and sometimes creosote or excess moisture cause damage, too. Regardless of the problems you’re experiencing, we can help.

Local Chimney & Fireplace Services: Turn to Us for It All!

Ah, University City… What’s not to love? Between the many great parks, lots of local businesses to enjoy, and St. Louis itself just being a hop and a skip away, staying busy isn’t a problem at all.

But what about those days when going out and about just isn’t in the stars? Maybe it’s rainy or you could be in the middle of a blizzard or thunderstorm. On those evenings when the weather is less than ideal, it’s best to stay in, cozied up by the warmth of your fireplace.

We’d love the chance to show up to your home uniformed and ready to go. We’ve been to homes on or near Hanley Road, Delmar Boulevard, North and South Road, Midland Boulevard, Big Bend Boulevard, Pennsylvania Avenue, Bartmer Avenue, Arcadia Avenue, Plymouth Avenue, Julian Avenue, Groby Road, Old Bonhomme Road, McKnight Road, Woodson Road, Wayne Avenue, Balson Avenue, Blackberry Avenue, Duke Drive, Central Avenue, Alanson Drive, and more, and if you call today, you could be next in line to get exceptional chimney care!

Ensure Your Chimney Stands Strong by Investing in Services With Us

A strong liner is essential for chimney health, but it won’t stand up to the elements if it’s not adequately protected. That’s where all of our other chimney services come in!

Be sure to rely on us for the following:

We also offer the chimney emergency services, as well as the following quality fireplace and chimney products:

How Can I Tell if My Chimney Needs Relining?

Well, there are some visible signs you can watch for, like cracks in the liner, smoke entering your living space, excessive creosote deposits, poor draft and airflow, and similar issues.

That said, the only way you can truly know what condition your chimney liner is in is by booking a chimney inspection with a team of experts. Call us now to get started. We’ll be able to use our specialized camera equipment, as well as our extensive knowledge on what to look for, to know where your chimney stands and what services will be required moving forward.

This is also why scheduling annual inspections is so imperative. All too often, issues stay hidden away until bigger problems finally occur. By booking an overview before each burning season, we have the opportunity to spot damages long before they become expensive and dangerous.

How Much Does Chimney Relining Cost?

Well, we hate that we can’t give you a clear-cut answer, but honestly, the cost can vary a lot depending on where your chimney currently stands. In addition, because there are so many relining options available, giving you an estimate on our site without speaking to you first really wouldn’t be best practice.

Costs can also vary based on the height and accessibility of the chimney, along with any additional repairs or modifications needed. Like we said, it’s best to speak with us first, then get a professional estimate.

Can I DIY Chimney Relining?

Definitely not. Chimney relining is a complex and potentially hazardous job that should be performed by experienced professionals only. DIY chimney relining is not recommended due to safety and code compliance concerns. If even a small mishap occurs, your chimney will still experience problems, many of which could put the safety and health of those living in the space at risk.

In addition, there are typically building codes and regulations that govern the chimney relining process. It’s essential to ensure that the relining work complies with local codes and standards to maintain safety and legality – and we can help with all of that.

Ready to get started? Give us a call or schedule online now.

How Often Should I Have My Chimney Relined?

There’s no hard and fast rule about how often your chimney needs relining. Some materials simply hold up better than others, and the amount of care you put into your system will make an impact on longevity as well – as does having the liner professionally installed from the get-go.

For example, stainless steel liners can last decades if regular maintenance is maintained. An aluminum liner, on the other hand, tends to break down quicker, especially if you’re not investing in repairs and sweepings as needed.

Not sure where you stand? Give us a call – we’d be happy to take a look.

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