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The smell is strong and unpleasant. You have no idea what exactly it’s reminiscent of or what’s causing it – just that it seems to be coming from the dark depths of your chimney. There don’t seem to be any signs of water damage, but then again, you’re not really able to see too far up your flue without the special tools and know-how of a professional… So, while you’ve been looking forward to plopping down in front of your warm fireplace all day, you decide it’s probably better to hold off till you know what’s going on.

If you’re a homeowner in the St. Louis, MO area and the plight of finding a reliable chimney repair provider has got you down, English Sweep – and our team of dedicated, knowledgeable experts – is here for you. 

From complete system rebuilds to minor chimney repairs to preventive maintenance services, we’re the team to trust for it all. We fix leaky, ugly, smell chimneys – guaranteed. Keep fire in its place by scheduling your needed chimney repair service with us. Fill out this form through our website or give us a call at 636-225-3340 to learn more and get started today.

Chase top is rusty before repairs.  Trees in the background.

SS Chasetop Before

Stainless Steel Chasetop After with trees and homes in the background.

SS Chasetop After

Chimney before rebuild spalling on tall chimney with what appears to be a cross with a window to the right.

Rebuild Before

Beautiful new chimney after rebuild - tall with dental work at the back and bands around the middle - window dormer to the right.

Rebuild After

Our Chimney Repair Services: We Strive to Cover it All

At English Sweep, Inc., one of our main goals is to keep your fireplace as safe, efficient, and attractive as possible. We’re all about helping you enjoy warm fireplace memories for years to come, which means when repairs are necessary, we’re here to take care of them for you.

We have Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)- and National Fireplace Institute (NFI)-certified sweeps on the team – in fact, we have more CSIA-certified chimney sweeps than any other company in the area. Not only that, but we have decades of experience tackling chimney problems – from leaks and foul smells to unsightly imperfections and inefficiencies.

Here’s a bit more insight into all the repair work we can tackle for you:

  • Leaky Chimney Repair: There are numerous causes of chimney leaks. Fortunately, we have solutions for every type of leak. We offer crown repair, flashing repair, chase tops and custom covers, chimney caps, and waterproofing services. All of these services and products can play a big role in resolving chimney leaks and preventing water-related damages.
  • Chimney Relining: There are multiple options when it comes to relining work, but one thing is certain – the job has to be done right. A faulty chimney liner will invite a lot of bigger issues that lead to inefficiency and threaten safety. If your chimney needs to be relined, we’d be happy to figure out what’s best for your system, whether that’s a stainless steel liner, an aluminum liner, or HeatShield®.
  • Damper Repair & Replacement: Whether you use your fireplace or not, dampers play a vital role in the efficiency and condition of your chimney system – as well as the comfort of your home. If you have chimney damper issues, we can either fix up your current one or offer an alternative option that’d be better suited to your needs.
  • Masonry Repair: Tuckpointing services help to restore damaged mortar joints and keep your masonry both looking and functioning at the top of its game. Entrusting the job to a pro is the best way to guarantee long-lasting, attractive results.
  • Chimney Demo, Rebuild & Restoration: If your chimney needs to be rebuilt or restored, this isn’t a job to trust to an inexperienced or uneducated crew. Our certified, experienced, and professional team is ready to get to work and do the job right. Say good-bye to stressful renovations and hello to a crew you can feel good about having in your home.
  • New Chimney Construction: Adding a chimney to your home is an exciting process, but it can also be quite stressful. It needs to be done right the first time or you’ll experience a lot of problems – and waste a lot of time and money. We’re here for you. You can count on our experienced and knowledgeable team to do everything perfectly.
  • Firebox Repairs: Noticing cracks, separations, or intense soot and creosote accumulation in your firebox? Give us a call and we’ll come in and fix it up by either repairing some minor gaps with a refractory material, or we’ll replace the existing panels with new ones.
  • Retrofit Fireplaces: Want a highly efficient, all-in-one fireplace system that’s made to really heat up the space? Consider a Bellfire or PriorFire Fireplace System. We specialize in the installation of each, and we guarantee an incredible finished product.
  • Makeup/Negative Air Solutions: If you’re experiencing strange draft issues with your fireplace and chimney, you are likely dealing with a negative pressure situation. Fortunately, we’ve got solutions that will eliminate this problem and optimize your airflow, so you can continue to enjoy your appliance.
  • Emergency Chimney Repair: There are a handful of occurrences that constitute an emergency and warrant our immediate attention. Learn more about our crisis response and what to expect in such situations.

Not finding what you’re looking for? No worries – just give us a call and tell us what’s been going on. When it comes to chimney repairs in St. Louis, you won’t find anyone better than English Sweep. Even if you don’t see something listed here, we’re certain we have the expertise and experience to spot your problem, then solve it promptly and professionally.

You can get in touch with us online or by dialing 636-225-3340.

Chimney before rebuild on a cottage style home with blue sky and wispy clouds in the background.  There is a tech walking to the front lawn.

Rebuild Before

Cottage style home after chimney rebuild with design in chimney and tree and blue sky in the background.

Rebuild After

What Are Signs That My Chimney or Fireplace Is in Disrepair?

Now, that’s a great question that, unfortunately, doesn’t always have a clear-cut answer. Why is that exactly? Because chimneys are dark and inherently dirty, and due to their design and nature of placement, it is a real feat to get a good, hard look inside.

However, for as much that can go wrong and unnoticed, there are still some issues that will make themselves known. You might not necessarily know the cause or precise problem, but there are a handful of things to look out for that signal something is not right – and that you should stop using your fireplace immediately, until a professional can come out and take a proper look.

Make a plan to schedule a chimney repair service if you notice any of the following signs:

  • Any kind of odor. Whether your fuel source is gas or wood, there should never be a noticeable smell lingering in or around your fireplace when it is not in use. If you find that your hearth is smelling a bit musty or reminiscent of your childhood camping days (think a strong and smoky aroma), don’t light any more fires until you’ve scheduled a service.
  • Excessive soot and creosote accumulation around the logs and firebox walls. Black, ashy deposits called creosote are naturally produced during combustion. Creosote is highly flammable and, when left to gather, the buildup can be a huge fire hazard. Remember – your chimney may be designed to withstand extreme heat and temperature fluctuations, but it is not built to endure direct contact with flames.
  • Signs of leaking, including water damage to the walls or ceiling near the appliance. Leaks are generally easy to spot – at least in terms of their presentation: sounds of dripping down the flue, small puddles forming on the firebox floor, spotting on the walls or ceiling, etc. The bigger problem is determining where exactly the leak is coming from… The crown? The flashing? The chimney cap? The masonry or siding itself? Without a professional eye, it can be hard to tell.
  • Any visible rust, staining, or discoloration on the brick or siding of your chimney. Not only are these eyesores, they are also signs that, while your chimney might not be actively leaking, it has definitely endured some kind of water damage. This means that it’s only a matter of time before the leak permeates all the way through and starts to make itself known.
  • Bizarre fireplace behavior, such as the inability to light the flame or issues with it staying lit. Whenever your fireplace is acting strangely or different in any way to how and what you’re used to, it’s a sign that something isn’t right. Something as simple as the way in which the logs are burning can indicate that your chimney and fireplace are in distress and require prompt attention.

What Are the Common Causes of Chimney Damage?

If the former list describes the various presentations of a damaged or deteriorating system, what are some of the factors responsible for causing that damage? Like so much else in this industry, every chimney – just like every home and family who occupies it – is different.

But, while there are certainly unique circumstances and outliers that contribute to overall structural damage, most chimney damage is a result of one or more of the following:

Water/Moisture Damage

It may sound crazy considering the strength and durability of the materials used during chimney construction (brick, in particular), but water is perhaps the single most deadly threat to your entire chimney system.

Brick is a naturally porous material which means that, if it is not properly waterproofed, it will absorb and retain large quantities of water – all of which can not only seep through to your flue and other vulnerable areas, but it also expands and contracts with the freeze/thaw cycle.

Animal Intrusion

It is not uncommon for a variety of climbing (and flying) critters to make themselves right at home inside your chimney. This is especially true if your chimney cap is not the proper shape or size, or is otherwise ineffective, as it’s the perfect access point for animals to squeeze in. Not only can this cause damage to your chimney liner, but also leaves your home susceptible to other debris entry.

Plus, where there are animals, there is usually also nesting materials which can be a huge fire hazard, as well as feces, which requires no explanation – no one wants to burn a fire in a system littered with animal droppings.

Extreme Heat/Chimney Fire

We mentioned earlier that while chimneys can mostly handle the extreme heat present during combustion, drastic and sudden temperature changes and/or direct contact with flames can destroy a flue liner.

Regardless of material, a damaged flue liner renders the entire appliance unusable until you can schedule a chimney relining service. Without a liner, the dangerous fumes and toxic gases can seep out into your living space – as opposed to up and out into the air the way they’re supposed to.

Improper Construction and/or Hidden Discrepancies/Defects

Like anything else made and installed by people, chimneys are susceptible to human error. Whether it has to do with the materials used for construction, a minor sli-up during the brick laying process (or installation if it’s a prefabricated chimney), or something else entirely, it’s always a possibility that system damage was inevitable due to a poor or sloppy installation – even if it took a long time to show.

Poor or Neglectful Maintenance Habits

As irritating and unnecessary as those pesky preventive services may seem, annual chimney cleanings and inspections are utterly vital to the health and longevity of your fireplace and chimney. Plain and simple.

Chimney inspections serve as a general system overview meant to seek out and diagnose any problem areas, and regular chimney sweep services ensure that the walls are as free as they can be from creosote accumulation and other potential obstructions. Staying on top of these yearly services can save you so much time, money, and anxieties in the future.

Do you know the last time you scheduled a chimney sweep service for your appliance? What about an inspection? Even if it’s been so long that you can’t remember, don’t let your embarrassment stop you from booking with us. Life has a nasty habit of getting in the way of our checklists and to-dos – but English Sweep is here to help, no matter what’s going on with your hearth.

Give us a call at 636-225-3340 – or reach out online, if you prefer – and learn more about what we can do for you today.

Bags of mortar, bricks and block preparing for chimney repair.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Chimney?

Honestly, it totally depends. Not only do we have to consider the kind of damage plaguing your system, but the extent of it too.

  • How wide/long is your flue?
  • Where is the damage coming from?
  • How long has it been between you noticing signs that something’s off and giving us a call?

All that and more goes into determining the final cost of a repair service. And because there isn’t really any kind of standard among any of those variables, we can’t even provide a range or average in pricing because we never want to mislead any of our customers.

However, we also never hide our prices, and we always strive to be transparent and upfront when it comes to what to expect. If you live in the greater St. Louis area and would like to learn more about our chimney and fireplace repair services – and receive an approximate quote – get in touch with someone from our team.

Request your spot online or give us a call at 636-225-3340 so we can get a better idea of what you need.

How Do I Choose the Right Chimney Repair & Service Company?

Choosing a provider for any home service can be quite the overwhelming process – after all, you’re shopping around for someone who has to come into your safe space. While this largely comes down to personal preference and a gut feeling, when you’re on the hunt for the perfect chimney maintenance and repair service company, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Are they licensed and insured?
  • Do they carry any certifications or memberships with well-known industry organizations?
  • How long have they been in service?
  • Do they have reviews? Are they mostly (if not all) positive?
  • Are they friendly, responsive, and seem willing to work with your requests?
  • Do they appear to value transparency and customer involvement?

This list is, of course, certainly not exhaustive, but it’s a good foundation to help inform your search. But, since you’re asking us, we might as well add that when you work with English Sweep, you’re guaranteed all that and more.

Book with us and learn why we’re the preferred chimney service provider in Eastern Missouri.

Tech with logo shirt and safety equipment repairing chimney with two chimney caps.

We Offer Quality Chimney Care to St. Louis, Ballwin, Wildwood, Chesterfield, & the Neighboring Areas

Are you feeling overwhelmed because you know you need chimney repairs, but don’t know who to trust? Put your worries aside, pick up the phone, and give our techs a call. We’d be happy to tackle the work for you, giving you one less thing to worry about in the weeks and months ahead. Once the new burning season begins, you’ll be happy you relied on us for your chimney repairs!

Dial 636-225-3340 or reach out to us online today. You’ll be glad you did.


Leaky chimney repairs may be some of the most time-sensitive chimney repairs on any homeowner’s list. Call us now to get the ball rolling.