Our Waterproofing Services Will Save Your Chimney & Won’t Affect the Look of Your Masonry

Would you rather wait for a problem to pop up and then deal with the costly aftereffects, or take action ahead of time to prevent the problem altogether? The answer may seem obvious – who wouldn’t want to stop a problem before it occurs?

That said, not all homeowners use this same logic when weighing the benefits vs. the costs of waterproofing their chimney.

Waterproofing is the process of protecting your masonry chimney against damaging moisture, so that rain, ice, sleet, and snow don’t ever get a chance to cause widespread deterioration.

It’s easily the most effective way to prevent chimney leaks and water damage altogether – potentially saving homeowners hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on repairs.

Water Repellent Spray on red bricks with applicator

Water-Repellent Spray on Bricks

Water beading on bricks after application of sealant

Water Beading on Bricks

How Does Waterproofing Work?

So, how does waterproofing work, exactly? We apply chimney-specific waterproofing products to your masonry that ensure water pools up and rolls off, rather than soaking into the brickwork.

One of the biggest ways waterproofing helps is by preventing the freeze/thaw process. The freeze/thaw process is what happens when water soaks into the cracks in your brickwork, freezes, and then expands and makes those cracks even bigger. This leaves room for even more water to enter. And thus, the cycle continues.

Here in St. Louis, we’re no strangers to freezing weather, so this process usually occurs many times a season for chimneys that aren’t protected. And the more it happens, the more your system is at risk for further damage and deterioration.

Tackling Waterproofing Myths

Not sure if waterproofing is worth the cost? Let’s debunk some of the more common waterproofing misconceptions.

  1. Bricks need to breathe, and therefore shouldn’t be waterproofed.

This is partly true. Bricks do need to breathe so that any pre-absorbed moisture can effectively get out, along with any fireplace-related fumes and vapors. The great thing about the products we use is that they’re vapor-permeable, which means no stressing about moisture that’s already in your masonry – it will be able to escape, no problem. And the great thing about these sealants is that they’re known for protecting your brickwork without affecting the look of your system at all.

  1. My chimney’s been fine for years without waterproofing.

Bricks are strong and sturdy, yes. But that doesn’t mean they won’t face wear and tear with time. Water is one of the more harmful substances they can interact with. Just because your system looks fine doesn’t mean everything is A-okay. In fact, we’re guessing some cracking and deterioration is already present, and this will only worsen over time. If you’re looking to keep your chimney strong for the long haul, waterproofing is a must.

  1. I have enough preventive measures in place already.

There are a lot of things out there that help to keep your chimney system protected against water. Chimney caps play a big part in this, as do well-built chimney crowns and properly installed flashing. If you already have all of these things in place, you may think your chimney is protected enough. Will one more service really make that big of a difference?

The fact is that all of these things are important, and all protect different areas of your chimney and masonry. But waterproofing is equally as important as all of the rest! Nothing protects your masonry like waterproofing.

  1. If I waterproof my bricks, repairs aren’t necessary.

If your brickwork or mortar is damaged at all, you’ll need to make repairs before you waterproof your structure. The reason being that water damage doesn’t just affect the appearance of your chimney – it also causes structural concerns.

Ok, I’m Convinced – How Do I Get Started?

If you’re ready to invest in waterproofing services, it’s time to call on our team. We’re known throughout St. Louis County, Washington County, St. Charles County, and more for being professional, reliable, and solution-minded.

We’re here to offer effective waterproofing services that keep your chimney protected for the long haul. And since our crew holds certifications with the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fireplace Institute (NFI), you can trust that we know our stuff.

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Making sure your chimney crown is in good shape is a great way to minimize the likelihood of a costly chimney leak, so give us a call.