Looking to Save on Chimney Care? Join Our Frequent Fires Program!

At English Sweep, we’re all about doing what we can to make the lives of our customers easier and more carefree. One way we do this is by investing in training and education, so that you get the highest level of care possible.

Not only does this heighten your fireplace’s efficiency year after year, but it helps to keep you and your family safer throughout the burning season as well.

Another thing we strive for is to always go above and beyond. That means answering your questions, making professional recommendations, and doing everything we can to work with your schedule and budget.

And now we’re taking things even further by inviting you to be a part of our Frequent Fires Program! Joining is easy – simply book your next sweeping or repeat inspection sometime between March and July, and you’re in.

Find out more about the program and why it’s such a win/win below…

Benefits of Early Scheduling

So, what’s the benefit of scheduling your annual maintenance during the spring and summer months? Doesn’t it make more sense to wait until fall?

Well, unfortunately, most people have that exact same thought, which means our schedule books fill up fast once the leaves begin to fall and temps get chillier. That makes it a lot harder to book a time and day that’s convenient for you – and it may mean putting off your burning season longer than you’d like.

Another thing to consider is the potential need for repairs and reconstruction work. It’s not uncommon for inspections to reveal the need for tuckpointing services, replacement parts, waterproofing, or maybe even a rebuild. This means you’ll once again need to try to book services during a notoriously busy time of year.

Not to mention, some of the materials we use for repair services need to cure in a specific temperature range to really hold and last. Which means if it gets too late in the year, you might find yourself in a bind.

The truth is: once temperatures drop, no one wants to have to wait to build a cozy fire and settle in for the evening. Wouldn’t you rather know that you’re good to go before cold weather arrives? If so, our Frequent Fires program is definitely right for you.

English Sweep Truck with fire applique going up the side of the cab-says "KEEP FIRE IN ITS PLACE!" English Sweeps Valley Park, MO
Technician smiling while talking to a client

What’s in It For You?

So, aside from faster, easier scheduling and reassurance that your system is good to go before the temps drop, what do you gain from joining our Frequent Fires program?

Well, we here at English Sweep are offering a financial incentive as well. Anyone who schedules their sweeping or inspection for sometime in this time period (March-July) will get a discount on service. We offer $50 off the price of an inspection (for repeat evaluations only) and $100 off the price of a sweeping.

And to sweeten the deal even more, booking an inspection or sweeping during this time will also qualify you for 10% off any future major restoration or project that costs over $1,000. This is good for discounts up to $599 off – that’s some significant savings on your end!

Requirements to Qualify

So, what’s required on your end?

First and foremost, this special deal only applies to established customers, meaning you have to have been a customer of ours for at least a year. (Basically, if you’ve had a booking anytime in the last year, you’ll qualify.)

Then, just follow these guidelines:

  • Call 636-225-3340 to book your sweeping or inspection for anytime between March & July. You qualify once you call!
  • OR fill out the form below, select your preferred month for service, and we’ll give you a call to get you on the schedule.
  • …that’s it!

Simple, right? Just be sure to call or fill out the form below soon because once we’re out of appointment slots and August 1st hits, the offer is off the table.

Select your Month of choice

For All Things Chimney, Rely on Us

Like we’ve mentioned, the team here at English Sweep tries to do everything possible to make the lives of customers throughout St. Louis and its surrounding areas easier. That’s why we encourage you to stress less about chimney care by leaving it all to us and getting routine maintenance out of the way early!

Give us a call today to get your spot on the books!

Happy With Our Service?

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Ready to sign up for the Frequent Fires Program? Call 636-225-3340 and book your appointment today. Thanks for choosing us – we look forward to speaking with you soon!


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