Count on English Sweep to Properly Install a Reliable Chimney Cap for Your Flue

Is there any better way to welcome the chill of the fall season than curling up in front of a blazing hot fire? Here at English Sweep, Inc., we certainly can’t think of much. But, in order to fully enjoy your fireside experience, it’s important to make sure all the parts of your fireplace system are reliable, functioning properly, and free of harmful water leaks.

Sure, all chimney components are important, but chimney caps are known for tackling multiple jobs all on their own. Because of this, it’s really important to ensure yours is properly fitted, in good condition, and doing everything it’s supposed to in order to keep your chimney protected.

Fortunately, that’s what the dedicated fireplace and chimney experts at English Sweep are here for – to make sure homeowners in our community are operating safe and suitable fireplaces. If you live in St. Louis, University City, Clayton, Des Peres , Olivette, or somewhere else in the surrounding area, ask us to set you up with a reliable chimney cap as soon as possible. This is a worthwhile and necessary investment for any fireplace owner!

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Why Should I Invest in a Quality Chimney Cap?

Chimney caps cover the top of your flue to help keep anything potentially hazardous from entering your system. They consist of a mesh ring that is topped with a sturdy metal covering, and both of these components work together to serve a number of functions.

What are these functions, you ask?

Chimney caps are known for the following:

  • Allowing toxic, noxious gases and other fumes naturally produced during combustion to safely and effectively exit the chimney
  • Preventing water, ice, snow, and other types of moisture from entering the chimney and causing damage to the liner
  • Stopping animals from entering, setting up nests, and having babies inside
  • Keeping leaves, twigs, nesting materials, and other outside debris from clogging up the flue
  • Blocking downdrafts from swooping through the chimney and entering your home
  • Serving as spark arrestors, ensuring no stray sparks land on your roofing materials or nearby greenery

Like we said… chimney caps do a lot, which is why you need yours to stay in tip-top shape.

Chimney caps atop masonry chimney with blue sky - English Sweep Valley Park MO

What Are the Different Types of Chimney Caps?

Not only do chimney caps perform a slew of vital functions, they also come in a variety of types and styles to accommodate different chimneys and their respective flues. So, whether you’re in the market for a chimney cap replacement for your St. Louis home, or your system doesn’t have one at all, at English Sweep, we’re sure to have just the right product to fit your needs.

Here’s a brief overview of all the different kinds of chimney caps available:

  • Single Flue Chimney Cap: As suggested in the name, this type of chimney cap is designed for systems with only one flue or exhaust cavity. These caps generally sport a smaller, simpler profile, but when fitted and installed correctly, provide excellent protection against water, animals, and any other debris that might otherwise enter your chimney.
  • Multi-Flue Chimney Cap: If your chimney is a bit bigger and utilizes more than one flue to exhaust its combustion fumes, a multi-flue cap would be a great choice. Rather than investing in multiple caps to attach to the individual flues, this specific kind of chimney cap is fit and installed over however many flues your system has. Because it covers a larger surface area by nature, the multi-flue chimney cap provides a bit more protection to the top of your structure when compared to its single-flue counterpart.
  • Outside Mount Chimney Cap: Unlike the previous two chimney cap options that are slightly smaller and generally less cumbersome, outside mount chimney caps are larger, bulkier, and installed directly onto the outside of your chimney’s masonry or siding panels. Of the three, an outside mount cap will provide the highest level of protection because it is designed to encompass the entire chimney top, as opposed to just the flue(s).
  • Specialty Chimney Cap: Did you know that some chimneys are designed in such a way that they cannot accommodate traditional chimney caps? Since they can’t just go unprotected, they require caps specifically created to meet their unique needs. These kinds of chimney caps also refer to those that are designed with specific functionalities in mind, such as an emphasis on wind-resistance to help with draft issues or ones that are a bit more decorative to help tie external aesthetics together.

How Do I Know What Chimney Cap To Buy?

Even when you know the specifics of your system – such as the number of utilized flues – it can seem a bit overwhelming deciding on the perfect chimney cap for your system. Do you want one that is simple, unassuming, and just gets the job done? Or are you looking to solve your negative air and backdrafting problems? Maybe, you’re on the hunt for something functional and fashionable.

Luckily for those living in the general St. Louis area, English Sweep is here to help with all your chimney cap installation or replacement needs.

Thanks to our team of experienced, highly trained, and CSIA-certified professionals, we can help you determine what kind of chimney cap would best suit your needs, style, and budget. Get in touch online by filling out our appointment request form or give us a call at 636-225-3340. We’d love to work with you in creating the fireplace system of your dreams!

Answering Your Chimney Cap Questions

Have questions about your chimney cap? Our knowledgeable Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified technicians have answers for you. Here are some of the more common questions we hear.

Do all chimneys need to have a chimney cap?

We strongly urge all people with a chimney to have a chimney cap installed. Chimneys without them, especially here in St. Louis where we face all types of weather throughout the year, tend to experience a wide range of problems. Caps are affordable and don’t take long to install, so it’ll be well worth the time and cost to avoid more expensive restoration work down the line.

Is a chase cover the same as a cap?

This is a common question people ask. The answer is no. A chase cover basically serves as a crown for prefabricated chimneys, which means it covers the chimney stack. A cap, on the other hand, covers the flue.

While both chase covers and chimney caps help prevent water from entering the chimney and assist in keeping out debris and animals, a chimney with a chase cover will still need a cap as well.

What materials are chimney caps made from?

Caps are typically made from either galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or copper. Prices will vary, as will durability and typical lifespan, but we’d be happy to go over your options with you to find the best fit for your home and budget.

Can I install my own chimney cap?

When it comes to chimneys, we never encourage our customers to tackle their own installation work. Not only are rooftops hard to navigate without training and proper safety precautions, but one minor mistake can wind up costing you a lot of time and money in repair costs down the line.

Instead, trust in one of our experienced crew members to get the job done for you. We employ the most CSIA-certified chimney sweeps in the area, and in fact, we’re home to the only CSIA Master Chimney Sweep in the state. If you’re looking for a crew of techs that knows its stuff, we’re it!

Not seeing your question here? Not to worry! Simply reach out to get in touch with a friendly and knowledgeable member of the English Sweep team and we’ll be happy to help. You can schedule an appointment right here through our website or by calling 636-225-3340.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Chimney Cap?

Unfortunately, without knowing more information, that’s a tough one to answer. Not only do you have to consider the kind of material your desired chimney cap is made from (stainless steel, copper, and aluminum are the most common metals), but things like the size and height of your chimney, whether or not you have an existing cap that will need to be removed, and more all play into the final cost of a chimney cap replacement service.

However, we know how important it is to gather as much information as you can in order to make the most informed decision possible – especially when it comes to pricing! At English Sweep, we value transparency and honesty in all that we do and are always more than happy to discuss approximate product and service costs with you. All you have to do is get in touch with us.

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Regardless of other fixes for a leaky chimney, the best way to finish it off is with chimney waterproofing to keep water damage away fo a long time.