In Need of Emergency Chimney Care? English Sweep, Inc. Has Got You Covered

Have your plans to use your fireplace been halted due to something faulty occurring with the appliance? This isn’t good, and it’s likely going to be difficult to find a sweep that’ll come to your home ASAP. It’s because of situations like these that we’ve decided to offer emergency services.

How Our Emergency Services Work

So, how does it work? Basically, when a chimney-related emergency occurs, you can give us a call, and we’ll be out within 24-48 hours to attend to it. Sound too easy? We’re happy to inform you that it’s truly as simple as that! When we say we care about our customer base throughout St. Louis and all the cities nearby, we aren’t lying. We truly want to do all we can to make enjoying your fireplace safer and less stressful.

What Counts as a Chimney Emergency?

When it comes to your health, it’s usually pretty easy to tell if you need immediate care at an emergency room or if you can wait a few days for a doctor visit. With your chimney… it’s not always so easy to tell what constitutes as an emergency. We can help.

Here are some of the more common examples of what a chimney emergency might look like:

  • Flue Blockages: A chimney that’s clogged up can’t be used. Doing so can cause smoke and other harmful fumes to back up into your living space. This affects the quality of the air you’re breathing, and it doesn’t do the aesthetic of your home any favors, either. We can find what’s blocking things up, remove it, and make any necessary repairs, so you can enjoy your fireplace.
  • Chimney Fires: Whether your chimney fire was loud and obvious or the more common quiet and slow-moving type, some professional care will definitely be needed before you can put your system to use again. Call us in and we can look things over, make sure there are no immediate threats, and advise on what repairs will be needed moving forward.
  • Carbon Monoxide Presence: If there’s carbon monoxide in your home, your first move should be to exit the area immediately, and then call your fire department or 911. Long-term exposure can lead to serious illness or death, so the sooner you act, the better. Then, if it’s discovered that your fireplace, stove, insert, or chimney is the cause of the gas leak, it’s time to get us on the job right away!

Play it Safe – Reach Out Now

If something’s happening with your chimney or fireplace system that is putting you, your family, or your home at risk, then it’s time to give us a call. Our number is 636-225-3340. Save our number so you can reach us as soon as possible when needed. We’re here for you!


In addition to great service, English Sweep offers a a large mix of quality products. Check them out to see what we mean!