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Winters in St. Louis are known for producing some pretty frigid temperatures. Fortunately for fireplace owners, this just means more cozy nights spent inside in front of a fire. But unfortunately, on the other hand, those freezing days can wind up being pretty damaging to your chimney and the components that make it up. Which is why investing in regular care is so important! One piece that tends to get hit particularly hard is the chimney crown. The good news is that English Sweep, Inc. is able to help St. Louis with crown repairs.

Chimney Crown Repairs flu  new mortar and bricks being installed
Crown Repair set up with newly poured mortar flue in middle of mortar gray roof in background
Smoothed out mortar on the crown with forms still attached

English Sweep Chimney – Crown Repair

What Is the Chimney Crown?

Not studied up on chimney anatomy? Then, you may not know exactly what or where your crown is. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. The crown sits on the top of the chimney opening, and it helps to cover the opening at the top of your chimney so that water and moisture cannot get in.

The crown is slightly sloped, and it overhangs a bit past the edge of the chimney stack to help send water out and away from the sides of your masonry chimney. This helps keep the brick from absorbing excess water and breaking down prematurely.

Why Do Chimney Crowns Crack or Break Down?

Now, unfortunately, not all crowns are created equal. Many times, inexperienced sweeps either repair them incorrectly or simply construct them wrong in the first place. It’s imperative that crowns be designed and constructed properly right from the beginning. Otherwise, they’ll crack, crumble, and allow water easy access to the rest of your chimney components.

What are some of the more common crown construction mistakes we see?

  • It’s too flat: Like we said, a correctly built crown will be angled so that rain, sleet, and snow can easily slide off. If the crown is flat, any moisture will simply pool up and cause erosion. Holes, cracks, and other types of decay will occur, and your crown won’t be able to do its job effectively.
  • It’s made from incorrect materials: Other times, crowns are constructed from the wrong materials from the start. If yours was made from a mortar mix, rather than a cement-based mixture, it will break down much sooner than anticipated, and it won’t be able to hold up against the elements.
  • It doesn’t extend far enough past the chimney stack: In order for the drip edge to effectively send water away from the chimney, it should extend around 2 – 3 inches past the edge. Those that don’t will encourage water to simply run down the sides of the chimney, and your brickwork and mortar will suffer.
  • It’s too thin: At the thinnest point, your crown should be at least 2 inches thick. Even if built properly, a crown can grow thin from years of wear and tear caused by bad weather or water-related damages – especially if it isn’t sloped enough. If yours is too thin to provide proper protection for the long haul, making alterations as soon as possible is a must.

Chimney Crown Solutions You Can Depend On

So, you’re aware of what problems might occur with your chimney crown, but how can these be resolved, and what can the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified sweeps at English Sweep, Inc. do to help?

Well, first things first, don’t hesitate to invest in routine care and maintenance. If damages are minor, then it may not seem like a big deal to put off repair work. But this can be detrimental in the long run.

What usually happens is that, when the freeze/thaw process occurs, any previous damage is made worse, and more water enters the crown. The result of putting off even minor repairs is typically larger, more costly repairs.

Just remember – the longer your chimney goes without necessary repairs, the higher the cost of repairs will be when you finally decide to fix it. This especially goes for the chimney crown, because other areas of the system almost always face damage when the crown is compromised.

So don’t put off repairs. If you think your chimney crown is damaged or compromised, give English Sweep, Inc. a call. We’ll examine the system and see just what’s wrong with it. We can repair any cracks or deterioration that is present, and if a rebuild is in order, we can take care of that, too. Regardless of what’s going on, when we’re done, you’ll know your chimney crown is ready to protect your chimney against moisture for many more years to come.

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