Our Tuckpointing Services Ensure Your Masonry Stands Strong for Years to Come

Are you worried that your crumbling masonry is eventually going to require some major reconstruction work down the line? Well, if left unattended, this may eventually be the case. But if caught soon enough, masonry repairs can typically be addressed with tuckpointing, which is much easier on your schedule, budget, and overall stress levels.

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English Sweep Chimney – Masonry Repairs

What Is Masonry Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing isn’t a term all fireplace owners have heard of, so let’s take a minute to explain just what this process entails.

This is a service that’s performed when your mortar joints are worn down, crumbling, or just altogether missing. We start by removing your old, worn-down mortar joints. We then insert new mortar that’s been carefully mixed by our experts to ensure you get those great-looking, long-lasting results all of our customers deserve.

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Once that’s through, the appearance of your chimney will be improved, your system will be reinforced and standing strong, and any chances of wear and tear down the line will decrease significantly.

Along with this, the risk of flames or hazardous fumes exiting through open areas in the masonry will be reduced, guaranteeing you the peace of mind you’re hoping for when lighting fires in your home.

Why Trust a Professional With Your Masonry Repairs?

Many relate tuckpointing to applying caulk. We get how crafty homeowners can see the similarities between these two services and question if this is a job they can tackle on their own, but this could actually lead to much larger issues in the long run.

Tuckpointing requires precision, patience, knowledge, and time to ensure the new mortar matches up with the old, both in texture and color. If the materials aren’t similar in nature, your system won’t hold up as well, and deterioration will be inevitable. Store-bought caulk simply won’t hold up against the wear and tear that your chimney faces on a daily basis.

English Sweep – Expert Tuckpointing

And we’re guessing you want your masonry chimney to look good, too. Many of the systems we tuckpoint are on the older side, so matching things up correctly takes some doing. We’ll work tirelessly to ensure the new mix we add matches the old color to a tee, so no one will even notice you had work done.

One minor slip-up could affect both the structural integrity of your chimney and its overall appearance. So, don’t take any chances. Call us in from the start and trust your masonry repair work to our team of CSIA-certified chimney pros.

We’re Trusted Throughout St. Louis County & The Surrounding Areas

At English Sweep, Inc., we’re knowledgeable, here to answer your questions, and ready to provide solutions that are suited to your needs, preferences, and budget. And you can trust our insights as Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)– and National Fireplace Institute (NFI)-certified sweeps.

Our customers value our live answering service, our professionalism, our honest and up-front nature regarding costs and estimates, and the fact that we always arrive when we say we will. So, if you’re looking for a chimney company you can trust in for years to come, we’re it!

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Even if your chimney repairs involve more extensive demos, rebuilds and restorations, we’ve got you covered with our decades of experience.