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Are you frustrated and just want a reputable company to solve the on going water leak issue around your chimney, but you feel vulnerable and don’t know who to trust? Everybody should have the peace of mind knowing their chimney is working/venting properly and keeping water out! Schedule today and have our tech complete a 31 Point Check List.

Don’t call a roofer! Have our expert consultant guide you through the proven system that GUARANTEES to solve the issues.  Where is it LEAKING? You see water stains on your ceiling near the chimney, deteriorated brick and mortar, rusted chase top or flashing, and watermarks in your fireplace or below your fireplace.  The whole structure has to be checked to be effective. Our 31-point evaluation and Infrared technology will help you have the information that you are concerned about.  Save time, stress, and money on repair costs by reaching out to our team.  Protect your investment and get back to what is important in your life!


Water stains on your ceiling near your chimney, deteriorated brickwork and mortar, rusted flashing or chimney caps, mold and mildew, clogs in the flue, and water in your firebox are all signs of a leaky chimney. A leaky chimney is definitely a cause for concern, but most of the time your issues can be resolved with a fairly easy fix – if addressed soon enough.

If you notice water where it shouldn’t be or think that water may be finding ways to enter your chimney, it’s time to get in touch with our experts right away. The longer these problems go unresolved, the harder they’ll be to address down the line.

So, save time, stress, and money on repair costs by reaching out to our team as soon as you can.

Chimney leaks top of roof chimney with two flues - English Sweep Valley Park MO
Water damage to brick tuckpointing crumbling

English Sweep Chimney – Leaky Chimney Repair

What’s Causing My Chimney to Leak?

Curious about the root of your leaky chimney issues? Well, if water seems to be coming in directly from the top, it’s likely that you’re either missing your chimney cap or that your crown or chase cover is damaged.

Another common cause of leaks is damaged masonry. If your chimney has missing, cracked, or crumbling brickwork, or if your mortar joints are no longer intact, then it’s likely water is presently breaking things down.

This often occurs because of the freeze/thaw process. That’s when moisture absorbed by the brickwork freezes and thaws with temperature changes. This causes the masonry to expand and crack, thus offering more pathways for water to enter.

There may also be vulnerable areas where water is seeping in. Your flashing, for instance, covers that spot where your roof meets your chimney, and if it’s been compromised, water can easily work its way in since these materials expand and contract at different rates.

The trouble is, it can be difficult to troubleshoot a leak if you don’t have experience doing so. That’s where English Sweep, Inc. comes in. We have decades of experience resolving chimney leaks in the St. Louis area, and we’ll provide a solution that’s both effective and long-lasting.

We’re Solution-Focused, Knowledgeable & Here to Answer Your Questions

For leak resolution, we offer both crown repairs and flashing repairs, so if either is the source of your water entry, we’ll take care of it. We can also install chase tops and custom covers, as well as chimney caps, all of which effectively prevent water from entering your system.

Finally, in terms of prevention, waterproofing services are a must. Our products ensure your chimney gets the protective seal it needs to withstand storm after storm, without leaks or water damage. Plus, the products we use won’t compromise the look of your system whatsoever.

Also, unlike a wide range of store-bought sealers, our sealants are vapor permeable. This means that all of that pre-absorbed moisture, as well as any necessary vapors from your fireplace, can vent out and not remain trapped inside where they could cause extensive damage.

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Chimney relining is one of those chimney repairs you might not even know you need, so call on our experienced crews to check it out for you!