Repairing Your Firebox Isn’t a Problem for Our Team of Pros

The firebox is the area of your fireplace that actually contains the fire and logs. But as strong as refractory brick, refractory mortar, and refractory panels are, eventually all of that wear is bound to take a toll. How do you know when it’s time to replace your firebox refractory panels or repair your firebox? Basically, if you notice any cracks or gaps in the panels or brickwork, it’s time to hold off on fireplace use and call in our sweeps. Lighting a fire when openings are present in the firebox can lead to safety issues for your home, and it isn’t worth taking any chances. Simply call in our thoroughly trained team to take care of it all!

What Causes Fireboxes to Deteriorate?

Refractory panels, refractory mortar, and refractory brick, while able to withstand years and years of use, aren’t meant to last forever. Eventually the stress and heat from your fireplace will cause cracking to form, after which both your safety and the efficiency of the appliance will be compromised.

Other times, moisture or creosote can wear things down in a hurry. And sometimes it’s the fault of the homeowner. If firewood is carelessly tossed into the firebox over and over again, hitting the panels throughout the process, this can be quite damaging.

Regardless of the cause of firebox damage, the issues need to be addressed ASAP or your system won’t be safe for use.

Firebox Repair and Rebuild creosote covering the back of firebrick cracked joints

Firebox Repair and Rebuild

Why Firebox Damage Is Dangerous

What exactly can happen if fires continue to be lit when your firebox is damaged? First of all, you’ll be more at risk for carbon monoxide exposure. This colorless, odorless, and very poisonous gas can enter your space without you even knowing, which is why both proper fireplace care, as well as carbon monoxide detectors, are something every homeowner should invest in.

Cracks can also increase your risk of having a fire form in your home. If gaps are present in the firebox, any adjacent combustibles will be more prone to ignite, which will cause damage to your home and possible injury to anyone within it.

Need Firebox Repairs or New Refractory Panels? Help Is Never Far

But there’s good news. Whether repair needs are minor or entire refractory panels need to be replaced, we’ve got your back. For minor repairs, we can use a refractory material to seal gaps and cracks and insulate the firebox against heat transfer. For more extensive damage, we can replace entire firebox panels with new refractory panels.

Think your firebox could use some love? Call English Sweep, Inc. at 636-225-3340 to book your appointment. Call today and enjoy the perks of having our CSIA-certified team at your service.


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