English Sweep, Inc. Is Here to Thoroughly Sweep Chimneys Throughout Kirkwood

Book an appointment today, so we can visit your home in Kirkwood, Windsor Springs, Oakland, Meacham Park, Glendale, Des Peres, Clayton, Warson Woods, Huntleigh, Crestwood, Rock Hill, Osage Hills, Wildwood, Ballwin, or anywhere nearby and keep your chimney clean!

Chimney sweepings aren’t something to put off, and if one is needed, you can bet your system won’t be functioning efficiently – or safely, for that matter – until it’s done. We’ve got the facts behind the importance of investing in this service regularly. Let’s dive in…

Why a Sweeping Is Important

Probably the biggest reason why sweepings are important is because of creosote. Creosote is a byproduct of combustion, and because creosote is flammable in nature, it can cause some pretty devastating damage if a lot is present. The more you have, the more likely you are to have a chimney fire, which will send flames throughout the interior of your flue, wreaking havoc all along the way.

Investing a little money here and there into avoiding chimney fires reduces the likelihood that you’ll have to spend significant dollars on major chimney repairs down the line.

Another reason sweepings are important is because they allow us to ensure no clogs are present in the flue before you fire up the fireplace. Creosote can block things up, but so can things like outside debris and curious critters (along with their nesting materials). Clogs lead to smoke backup and poor airflow, both of which greatly affect your ability to enjoy your fireplace.

All in all, regular sweepings are a necessity for maintaining both chimney health and the safety of your household. If you live on or near Geyer Road, Woodbine Avenue, Couch Avenue, Adams Avenue, Harrison Avenue, McCullough Avenue, Van Buren Avenue, Rose Hill Avenue, Ballas Road, Craig Drive, Grandview Drive, Ann Avenue, Bach Avenue, Frieda Avenue, Big Bend Road, Essex Avenue, Sarah Avenue, Bodley Avenue, Dougherty Ferry Road, Taylor Avenue, or Fillmore Avenue, count on us to perform your next one.

Our Full List of Chimney & Fireplace Services

Along with sweepings and creosote removal, we perform annual inspections, masonry repairs, product installation, and many other services your system needs to stand strong and operate efficiently over time. Turn to us for the following:

Emergency Service


We’re Qualified to Help You Out

If you book a sweeping with our team, you can bet that we’ll come prepared. Customers throughout Webster Groves, Barretts, Ozark View, Sunset Hills, Keyes Summit, Chesterfield, and more value our commitment to training and professionalism, and count on us to solve any and all of their chimney-related problems. You can count on us, too.

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