Considering a Gas Insert for Your Ballwin Home? Hire English Sweep, Inc. for the Job

The ease and convenience of gas is hard to beat! If you need a gas insert installed, join customers in Ballwin, Winchester, Loehr, Manchester, Ellisville, Clarkson Valley, Fern Glen, Mountain Ridge, Castlewood, Wildwood, Olivette, Lincoln Beach, Twin Oaks, Morschels, Pettys Hill, and the surrounding areas by relying on us.

Why are many making the switch to gas inserts? Well, these systems tend to excel in efficiency, which is a big requirement for most looking for a new appliance. More heat output into your living space gives you the power to turn down the thermostat and lower your monthly heating bills, which is a huge draw.

Gas inserts are incredibly easy to operate and adjust, too. Turning them on and off takes just a second, so you aren’t ever forced to build or put out a fire, and changing the temperature is easy – just turn the knob to your preferred setting!

This also means less mess, no hauling or storing wood, and no scooping ash piles.

Finally, gas logs nowadays look incredibly realistic, so it will still look and feel like you’re burning a real wood log fire in your home. That same warm and cozy aesthetic, just without the hassle!

That said, none of these benefits are guaranteed if you don’t invest in professional installation services and regular maintenance. That’s where we come in…

Always Trust a Pro

Installing a gas insert involves dealing with gas lines, electrical components, and a venting system, all of which need to be working just right to function safely and efficiently. Because of this, gas appliance installation and maintenance is something that must be left to a professional.

We get that you can search DIY options for anything nowadays, but this is an area where you can’t afford to take chances or make even the smallest mistakes.

Here are some reasons to rely on our experts for the job:

We’re ready and eager to visit your home on Riles Road, Big Bend Road, Clayton Road, Kehrs Mill Road, Holloway Road, Baxter Road, Goldwood Drive, Lemonwood Drive, Old Ballwin Road, New Ballwin Road, Governor Court, Claymont Drive, Sudbury Lane, Log Hill Court, Rauscher Drive, Highland Drive, White Tree Lane, Geremma Drive, Baxter Road, Breezewood Drive, Old Oaks Drive, Northmoor Drive, or anywhere else nearby, so be sure to get in touch when you need the care of a chimney pro.

We Can Handle Your Installation Needs, Along With Seasonal Maintenance & Repairs

Now, we’d be happy to install your new appliance, but don’t forget these systems need regular maintenance and care, too. Be sure to call us as needed for the following services:

Interested in something new? You know about our gas logs & inserts, but be sure to ask us about our fireplace inserts & stoves, too, as well as our top-sealing dampers and our custom covers.

And if you ever need emergency care, we can help with that, too. Just reach out, and a sweep will be with you within 24 – 48 hours!

Ready to Work With Our Experts? Give Us a Call!

Ready to book your appointment? Reach out at 636-225-3340 or right here on our website. We’ll send a certified and experienced sweep to your home in Cedar Bluff, Minke, Altheim, Tyson, Valley Park, St. Louis, Des Peres, Clayton, Chesterfield, or anywhere else nearby as soon as possible.


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