Hello, it’s Captain Creosote with another homeowner tip.

Today’s tip is about critters in your chimney.  To wildlife, your chimney looks like an inviting place to set up their home. Birds, squirrels, and raccoons are the most common critters found in the chimney. Other animals such as mice and even cats have been known to either get stuck in the chimney or try to set up their nest.

Regardless of the type of small animal, having pests in your chimney is a problem. If you don’t use the chimney this problem can expand to having a colony of bats or pigeons in your chimney creating a lot of damage. Long-term pest infestation will cost you in repairs and removal. In some cases, such as removing a bat colony, may require additional time and expense if it is an endangered species.

Small critters will also leave behind nesting materials that can catch fire when you go to light a fire. Installing a chimney capcan keep pests out of your chimney and save you a bundle in cleaning costs!

A chimney cap is a protective covering that looks like a small metal or wire mesh box which is installed over the top of your chimney. The chimney cap is made with stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, or copper. Our top seller is aluminum and galvanized steel.

Besides having a chimney cap, you want to make sure tree branches are not close to the chimney. Mature trees near the house will evidentially lead to branches extending too close to the chimney and roof. These branches are a gateway directly to your chimney and home for small animals.

Insects in your chimney is another issue. If you’re trying to prevent insect infestation ask about a Top Sealing Damper for stink bugs, hornets, and locust.

A chimney cap is not a 100 percent guarantee that animals won’t enter. Small bats, mice, and squirrels only need a small crack to squeeze into your chimney.

The best way to stay on top of these issues is to 1) install chimney cap 2) removing overhanging branches, 3) order a Top Sealing Damper to keep out insects, and 4) having a yearly chimney and fireplace system inspection. These maintenance items work together to help keep your fireplace and chimney safe from critters & insects invading your home.

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So that’s our fireplace tip this week.  You all stay safe.

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