Keeping you and our community safe is at the heart of what we do. As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact the world, keeping you, the community and our staff safe is our top priority.

First, our hearts and prayers go out to everyone who is affected by this disease.   The leadership at English Sweep has been watching the news closely, and we’ve responded by taking the action to make sure our staff and customers are safe. We’ve taken steps to ensure minimal disruption to our operations and our customers.

We’d like to share a moment to let you know about the safety steps to insure minimal disruption to our operation and our customers: 

We are instructing our employees to take precautionary health measures, including frequent hand washing, social distancing, wearing the appropriate PPE (i.e. latex gloves, masks).

Our staff will not report to work for 14 days if they have any symptoms or have been knowingly exposed to someone with the virus .

When we do visit your home, we will stay at least 6 feet from your family.

Upon the occasion where you may need to sign a document for approval, they will be placed in a way that you do not have to approach our employees.

Please provide payment by check or by contacting our office with a debit card or Master, Visa card for processing.

Our staff will email all necessary documentation to you.

We strongly suggest that chimney and fireplace remains on your list of regular home maintenance and is not ignored nor delayed.

While some things have changed, our commitment and giving our customers the best possible safe service will continue.

Take care of yourself and each other!