Water damage to your chimney and fireplace is a common problem that is often overlooked until the problem worsens causing major repair bills. Besides damage to your home, water damage due to your chimney can cause dangerous health problems.  Here are the top 3 problems associated with water damage.

Problems Caused By Chimney Water Damage


All masonry chimney construction materials, except stone, will experience faster decay as a result of continual contact with water.  Over time, water gets into the brick and mortar. Water freezes and thaws causing the bricks and mortar to chip and break. This is known as spalling. If the bricks and mortar continue to deteriorate it can lead to possible severe structural damage to your chimney. A sign of spalling is brick chips on the ground around your chimney.


Once the bricks and mortar erode allowing water to get into your chimney, it can damage your interior flue liner. Once the liner cracks or breaks apart, you will have a serious health issue. The liner protects your home and family from the by-products of combustion such as smoke and carbon monoxide. That is why we continually advise homeowners to get a yearly inspection.


A leaky chimney will often stain the walls and ceiling near your fireplace. Possible mold will grow in the ceilings, walls, fireplace, and chimney which is another health problem for your home.

When homeowners see chipped masonry they often first consider calling a masonry repair service.  When they see water stains around the ceiling and walls near the fireplace they will call a roofer. However, most masonry repair and roofing companies are not experienced, trained, or certified for chimney repair. Just repairing the bricks and mortar may not solve the problem. You need a complete inspection of your chimney and fireplace system to make sure all damage is properly fixed, as well as preventative measures in place to keep you safe.

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