The smell is more common in the summer when the humidity is high, rainy days, and/or when the air conditioner is running. The reason for the smell is from creosote deposits in your chimney due to burning wood. The creosote absorbs into the porous masonry inside your chimney, embedding the fireplace smell beyond the masonry’s surface.

When you have your chimney swept it removes the surface buildup of creosote to prevent a chimney fire. However, the odor remains because it is absorbed into the masonry. The smell is similar to a campfire smell. So, just having your chimney swept will not solve the problem.

The real problem has to do with overall negative pressure problems with air coming down the chimney.  The air coming down your chimney brings the odor down with it. There are several causes of negative pressure problems. A certified chimney sweep CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) can inspect your entire fireplace and chimney system, not just one aspect. Certified chimney sweeps have a true understanding of fireplaces and certification requires extensive knowledge of airflow patterns, pressure differentials, and fireplace construction techniques.

English Sweep is the home of Missouri’s ONLY Master Certified Chimney Sweep, plus our crew all have a CSIA certification. We can pinpoint the problem and then work to resolve it leaving your home smelling fresh.

So, if you are smelling a campfire smell or any foul odor from your fireplace, give us a call!

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So that’s our fireplace tip this week. You all stay safe.

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