Hello, it’s Captain Creosote with another homeowner tip.

Who do I call to repair a brick or stone chimney?

This is a common question and a common mistake most homeowners make. It does seem logical that if the bricks, masonry, or stone on your fireplace chimney need repair that you would mason bricklayer.  If you want the repair done correctly, call a certified chimney professional first.

Nationally certified chimney professionals know all about your entire chimney and fireplace system, not just the bricks. There is more to your chimney than just the bricks. Plus, if the bricks, masonry, or stones are deteriorating you really need to discover the cause of the problem and not just fix a symptom.

The chimney could have cracks and leaks or the liner in the flue could be damaged. Either situation will lead to bigger more expensive problems which may include a house fire.

The same is true for water leaks around the ceiling area near your fireplace. Most people call a roofer, but a smart homeowner knows that they need to call a certified chimney expert for the same reason. Roofers do not know the entire chimney and fireplace system.

Just another reason yearly inspections by certified chimney professionals are critical to the maintenance of your home. Stick with the professionals who know how to solve the real problem  and keep your home and family safe.

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So that’s our fireplace tip this week. You all stay safe.

See ya,

Captain Creosote

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