You’re most likely seeing articles, social media posts, and news items about fireworks safety. However, most of them skip the tips for homeowners. Here are 5 tips to keep your house safe direct from firefighters.

1). According to firefighters, the most important thing a homeowner can do to prevent a fire from spreading to your roof is to clean your gutters. Dry leaves, pine needles, or brush in your gutters can easily catch on fire from fireworks sparks. The fire then can spread to your roof.

2) Put a sprinkler in your front and back yard.

3) Clean-up and dry leaves and brush around your home and any outbuildings. Dry brush on the ground can quickly ignite from fireworks catching on fire and then spreading to your home.

4) Firefighters say that one thing people don’t think about is to water the bark around your home. Plus, most homeowners don’t realize that a spark from fireworks that lands in the bark can smolder for two or four hours before catching fire and spreading underground toward your home, which is called tunneling.

5)  Be sure to trim trees, especially dead branches. Trees and overhanging branches touching your home or close to your home, can catch on a tree and quickly spread to your home.

So that’s our homeowners tip this week. You all stay safe!

See ya,

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