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Who are you going to call?

You’re at home, comfortable, enjoying a day off or just relaxing after work. Then you notice it. It could just be a wet spot on the ceiling around the fireplace. Perhaps you hear water dripping inside or around the fireplace. You get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach — another problem with the house! Then you think to yourself, "Who should I call to fix this problem?"  The problem is at the fireplace, so maybe you call a mason. But then again, the ceiling is involved, so it must be a roof issue. Or perhaps the gutters are causing a problem. Where to start? Here’s what most people don’t know when it comes to a leaky chimney or water around your fireplace:

You can call a mason, but they’ll just look at the bricks.

You can call a roofer, but they’ll just look at the roof.

You can call a gutter guy, but they’ll just look at the gutters.

You need to call an experienced, certified professional chimney company. The difference is that the chimney professional will look at your entire chimney and fireplace system, NOT just one aspect of the chimney. Your chimney and fireplace will be completely inspected and analyze with English Sweep's exclusive 31 Point Holistic Water Leak Investigation©.

The problem could be your roof, or it could be flashing around the chimney. Regardless, you want the problem fixed correctly and not just pay for fixing a symptom. Get to the real cause of the leak and get it corrected professionally

If you have any issue about your fireplace or chimney English Sweep should be your first call. We handle all things things fireplace!

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