Does your dryer seem to be running less efficiently lately? This can be frustrating, and might leave you thinking about purchasing an entirely new appliance to avoid any further hassle… but wait! Sometimes what homeowners think is a dryer-related issue has actually more to do with their dryer vents. And what may seem like a bigger issue can actually be resolved with an affordable cleaning.

If you’re wondering if your vents are due for a professional cleaning, we’ve got some signs to look for.

1. It’s Been Over a Year

Has it been over a year since your last professional cleaning? Then, it’d be in your best interests to get one scheduled soon. Like HVAC services, chimney inspections, and many other types of household maintenance, this should be added to the list of things you get completed annually.

Fortunately for folks throughout the St. Louis area, we can tackle both chimney/fireplace maintenance and your annual dryer vent cleaning! No searching through multiple companies – simply trust in us for it all.

2. Your Clothes Take Unusually Long to Dry

If you have a busy household, then you know how impossible it can feel to tackle a to-do list of household chores. And if you find yourself forced to run your dryer cycle after cycle just to get one load of laundry dry, it can get frustrating fast.

Most assume the dryer is the problem in this scenario, only to replace it and be faced with the same issues all over again. But what if it was never the dryer in the first place? The truth is, most of the time this issue can be traced back to dirty, clogged dryer vents. If your dryer cannot vent properly, there’s no way it can effectively do its job, which then leads to damp clothes, heightened energy bills, and a lot of inconvenience on your part.

3. Your Dryer Is Hot to the Touch

Top Signs You Need a Dryer Vent Cleaning - St Louis MO - English Sweeps imageHave you placed your hand on your dryer after a cycle is through only to notice it is exceptionally hot? While it’s normal for it to be on the warm side, getting too hot is not a good sign. The most likely cause is that your vents are backed up and your system isn’t able to effectively send heat and other fumes safely out.

You might also notice that your clothes are unusually hot, too. Again, this is a clear cut indication that your system is overheating.

4. Your Laundry Room is Extra Humid & Warm

Laundry rooms are known for being on the muggier side, but if yours seems unusually warm and humid, this definitely a cause for concern. The most likely reason for this rise in temperatures is that your dryer is giving off too much heat, and this often is because the vents are clogged and it can’t vent out properly.

5. Unpleasant Odors

Along with feeling hot and muggy, you might notice that your laundry room smells musty and hot. Some even notice a somewhat overwhelming smell of fabric softener. All these indicate that fumes have no place to escape, causing smells to linger and your appliance to get much hotter than is safe.

6. Excess Lint Accumulation

If lint is showing up outside of your lint trap, surrounding your dryer, or even inside of the appliance, then it clearly has nowhere else to go. A clean vent will have plenty of space for lint to enter, but if it’s clogged up, the lint will simply stay put in your dryer or laundry room.

Dryer Fires & Carbon Monoxide Exposure

Now, if you’ve noticed any of the signs above, it’s time to get a professional in to clean out your vents as soon as possible. Neglecting this maintenance causes energy bills to increase, and it puts more wear and tear on your appliance, too, meaning a replacement will likely be required sooner than expected. In the end it’s a lot more cost-effective over time to schedule an affordable cleaning now!

Top Signs You Need a Dryer Vent Cleaning - St Louis MO - English Sweeps dryerBut this isn’t the biggest issue associated with dirty vents. What’s more concerning is the increased risk of dryer fires and carbon monoxide leaks.

If too much lint accumulates in your dryer vents, your system will likely overheat, and since lint is one of the more flammable materials out there, this obviously isn’t an ideal situation. It’s all too easy for a fire to start, and once flames get going, they can spread fast.

Another serious risk is carbon monoxide exposure. This colorless, odorless gas is poisonous, hard to detect, and known for causing hundreds of deaths every single year. And if it can’t properly escape through the vents, its only option is to back up into your home. Doing what you can to avoid exposure is imperative, so schedule that cleaning as soon as you can. (And be sure to invest in carbon monoxide detectors for your home, too!)

Our Dryer Vent Services Are Exhaustive

We offer thorough dryer vent cleanings, and we can perform other dryer-related services, as well, such as installing a booster vent, updating your terminations, and more. We truly strive to do it all, allowing you to feel confident turning to us for all things chimney, fireplace, and dryer related.

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